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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well a few things have happened in the last few weeks. Apart from feeling like crap, sleeping lots and being in lots of pain, I’ve been to a new Dr, got my medications changed and am being an “example” for a group of med students and a whole lot of other Dr’s, and now I’m on a diet. :-S

So yes I’ve been quite sick the last few weeks. I’ve been so tired I was throwing up and have been really sore. The last few weeks I’ve made it to school about 2 days a week on average. I only made it 1 period this week which isn’t too good.

I’ve been seeing a new Dr who is an enzyme specialist and he’s put me on this anti-inflammatory diet because apparently some/most foods contribute to inflammation. So basically I’m only allowed to eat fruit, vegetables (all except potatoes), brown rice, fish and certain nuts and seeds. No more bread, chips, ice-cream, chicken, chocolate, lollies… all the good food. Oh well. But hopefully this new diet will make some difference in how I’m feeling. Even if it’s just a little difference I’ll be happy.

Went to the specialist today and he’s put my prednisone dose up to 20mg again. I’m kinda annoyed though because I’ve been feeling this awful for about 3 months and I’ve just had to put up with it. I missed out on over half of my holidays because I was so exhausted, vomiting, and I’ve basically missed most of this term at school too… all for nothing. But oh well I’ll get over it. The specialist is also doubling my dose of methotrexate. So hopefully I should be feeling better in the next few weeks. I’m really hoping I do so I can make it to Eastercamp which is only 2 wks away!


  • At 4:16 PM, Anonymous SUE said…

    Hey miriam! I hope your new doctor is good and makes you better again soon because school is sucky without you :P
    Good luck on your trig internal for monday!



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